Danger Men Cooking
Do you have a dangerous cook around your house? Tell it like it is with this fun-filled bucket to drive the point home and bring a huge smile to his face.

Filled with cheese snacks, pretzel sticks and our addicting champagne mustard dip, BBQ sauce, a box of Nunns almonds and a ?Danger Men Cooking? sign to warn the neighbors. With matching coffee mug, ball cap, napkins, towel and BBQ mitt.

Finally, a must have for every male BBQer, a branding iron to mark that meat. Surround it all with yellow ?Danger Men Cooking? warning tape and you'll have made a point he'll never forget ... now isn't that worth it?

Remember ... all of our gift baskets are custom designed and built. Add a little here or there ... we can build it to your price point and specifications. Give our artists a challenge!
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